Last Floor AK Studio 2020

You are an ordinary engineer living on the top floor of a high-rise and dreaming of your own country house... But one day your life changes dramatically and you become a hostage of your own home. Your task is to survive but to do this you need to get outside. However, just going down the stairs or taking the elevator down will not work. At night, while you were sleeping, the house has changed and now it seems to live a different, alien life. It's electricity network has turned into a teleporter of some alien energy animating some household appliances and it looks like that they are aggressively tuned against people. On each floor you will face a challenge in which you have to find a way out or defeat a furious teapot or hairdryer. Features: Unique interiors of apartments; Responsive management; Detailed graphics and good optimization; Atmospheric music and surroundings; Deadly combat; No flashlight or puzzles.
Download: None currently available

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