Minecraft Dungeons - Flames of the Nether DLC Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft Studios 2021

This expansion takes players to the netherworld (the Nether) and introduces new locations, weapons, and skins. It offers six new quests set in the title land. It is the first DLC in Minecraft Dungeons to take place in another Dimension. It introduces the Nether Portal's functionality and The Nether, available after unlocking the DLC. It also introduces the Nether Camp, found after completing the first level in the DLC, Netherwart Forest. It also introduces a new currency which is found in The Nether, Gold. It has two merchants: the Nether Merchant, which sells Nether Items, and the Piglin Barterer, which can be bartered with from the Nether's currency, Gold. While completing new missions, players can earn new artifacts, weapons and skins. In addition, the expansion also introduces a new type of pet (we're talking about creatures accompanying our character) - the so-called Baby Ghast.
Download: None currently available

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