Adventure of the Brave Soldier Svejk [Ru] Lazy Games / SoftKlab 2007

Do you know Svejk? Yeah, he who was declared unfit for military service because of idiocy. Do you remember? Here you go. Isn't it strange that such an idiot can get away with everything? Do you know why? No? We will tell you. So, early in the morning of August 1914, Josef Svejk wakes up at home, where he is overtaken by the news of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Europe is on the eve of the war, but Mr. Joseph has his own idea of ​​the balance of power and power alliances. And what is the matter - you have to find out, the players. Features: Classic quest based on the famous work of Yaroslav Hasek; Sparkling dialogues as close as possible to the author's text; Graphics in the style of original illustrations by Joseph Lada; A new look at the adventures of the famous hero.
Russian Full Demo 1.16GB (uploaded by

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