Talk with Me! Barbie Mattel Media 1997

This is a more of a program than a game, but there are some mini-games. It's a CD-ROM that comes with a doll which has been programmed to pronounce more than 35000 names and is able to talk in a way. They reused the name library for the Detective Barbie series. Add a fun twist to your kid’s playtime adventure with the Talk with Me Barbie Doll with CD ROM and more. It lets kids interact with Barbie in a new way. Connect her computer to yours to program your child's name, interests, favorite colors and more. Simply press the button on her back to activate her and begin chatting when she is away from her desk. She comes complete with an interactive CD ROM that is programmed for compatibility with Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. My Talking Barbie is suitable for children ages 5 and up. Program Barbie to know your name, favorite colors and what you want to talk about. Button activates talking Barbie doll away from her computer.
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