Brave Soul Crowd Co. Ltd. / Peach Princess 2003

You are a young man who was was raised in the beautiful countryside of Souvania. Ever since you were young, a beautiful girl standing naked at a lakeside appeared to you in your dreams every full moon. Once you decide to join the Hunter Guild, you head into town with your dragon Shell, and there you meet a girl who strikingly resembles the image of the Moon Goddess of your dreams. This meeting will change your life and will drive you to a daring adventure, during which you'll discover a great mystery. "Brave Soul" is an erotic RPG that continues the traditions of Dragon Knight. During your quest you'll meet many charming animé girls and will be able to conquer their attention. You have a party of maximum four characters. The combat is real time - your companions are controlled by the computer AI, while you can change a strategy for the main hero. The game features "nostalgic" SNES-like graphics, animé-style cut scenes, and voice-overs for the main characters.
Full Demo + Patch 343MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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