Knights of Riddle Game Scorpion Inc. 2021

Early Access Release This is a Third Person Adventure style Hack and Slash game featuring ongoing storyline in the form of Episodes that are released via ongoing updates. Step into Riddle, a vast world teeming with magic and mysteries to explore. You are young Oz Macrion a prince of the land and one of the many knights of riddle. See what happens as you explore and meet new fellow knights and uncover mysteries and challenges as you progress through the world learning the beautiful story and lore behind this magical world. Guided by the Omicron Acqua, a special book of knowledge and wisdom, learn the art of the Omicron Acqua as you explore the storyline via an episodic system. Episodes are released consistently and are available for unlock via in-app purchase. Explore and take on quests from battles to running into caverns and overcoming lava pits. For those who love adventures this game is sure to please. Simple melee combat system - Simple controls allow you to battle with enemies or even jump or dodge attacks.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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