Hinge Arcadia 2020

This is a VR horror that takes place in a nightmarish building filled with high-quality graphics and sound effects. The game creates an environment of suspense as you struggle for survival in an oppressive atmosphere of horror that chases you wherever you go. Every step is filled with fear, as the heart races in anticipation of the next ghoulish creature to face. The game is set in an American metropolis of the early 20th century right after the Spanish flu epidemic. It takes place in a skyscraper full of fashionable Art Deco apartments, built by an eccentric millionaire (who is actually an occultist and the head of a mysterious cult). Once the skyscraper is built and finally opened, its owner runs the great ceremony and invites many different people. But on that night, something mystical happens and transfers the building with all its inhabitants into a nightmarish reality, where the laws of physics, chemistry, and space are broken and time is collapsed. Five different characters who, by the will of fate, find themselves in the building, have to unravel the mystery of what happened, survive and try to get out of that terrible trap. High-quality graphics: Hinge provides players with a plethora of state-of-the-art visual effects. Immersive storytelling: Our game tears down the fourth wall, allowing the audience to be directly involved in Hinge's story. Terrifying atmosphere: We experimented with some of the scariest and most intense horror scenes in existence and were brave enough to use them in our game. Twisted plot: Hinge's nonlinear narrative is breathtaking to explore. Physics-based interactions: The game is filled with puzzles with extraordinary solutions and interesting gameplay mechanics that give the player freedom of choice. Art-horror: Colorful, provocative characters and detailed authenticity of the beginning of the last century.
Episode 1 - Steam Level Demo (VR only) (uploaded by Steam)

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