Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing Serenity Forge / Way Down Deep 2021

When a pandemic puts the lockdown on a blooming relationship, will the new couple keep the romance alive, or will distance pull them apart? Cozy up with their quarantine story and see if they’ll find a way to stay connected in the weirdest of times in this new episode of the Half Past Fate story. Features: Learn to love from afar through the charismatic 2.5D pixel-art style of Half Past Fate; Enjoy a charming and honest slice-of-life story set in all-too-familiar circumstances; Play from both sides of the new relationship and see how each of your lives have changed; Judge (or admire) each other’s home decor, peculiar roommates, and musical tastes; Explore in endearing detail the intimate environs of each other’s quarantined lives; Maybe figure out what the heck “defragging” does.
Download: None currently available

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