Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue Square-Enix / Eidos 2021

Release Date: Mar 30 This is the third compilation of refreshed games from Kingdom Hearts, a popular series of jRPGs, and first released in 2017 on PS4. This contains a completely remastered edition offering a native 1080p resolution of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in 2012, which is a link between the second and the third installment of the main series. The action takes place immediately after the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts II. Sora and Riku begin their training under the watchful eye of Yena Sida. He attempts to prepare them for the imminent danger approaching in form of Xehanort. To put his students to the test, Yena Sida sends them to defeat the monsters known as Dream Eaters, which have taken over the worlds liberated from the yoke of Heartless and Organization XIII. This takes place after the ending scenes of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. The players follow Aqua – a popular hero in her journey through the world of darkness. Aside from that, the fans of the series were given a completely new story episode called Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep-A Fragmentary Passage, and a cut-scene selection from a mobile installment – Kingdom Hearts X, also known as Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover. The story takes place long before the events of other installments of Kingdom Hearts, and throws a new light onto the whole series, and shows the beginning of the great conflict between Keyblade users. It offers a gameplay model similar to the one found in Kingdom Hearts III. The players control only one character, and as an effect of the short playing time, they have limited possibilities of character development, the same situation applying to his abilities or equipment. This release is built based on Unreal Engine 4, which was used to power Kingdom Hearts III.
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