Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Square-Enix / Eidos 2021

Release Date: Mar 30 This is a mix of action and rhythm game that was first on consoles in 2020. The game uses the world and characters known from the jRPG Kingdom Hearts series. It's a rhythmic game where you can also find some elements typical of action games. In this game we look at the game world from behind the hero's back ( TPP). The rules of the game are simple - we choose the mission/location and then, moving along a predetermined path, we attack our enemies to the rhythm of the music we hear. Our sense of rhythm is rewarded with points. In this game you can find more than 140 different songs, which over the years have found themselves both in different parts of the Kingdom Hearts cycle and in popular Disney films. You can play alone or with others. In addition to the single player mode, the game also offers a network multiplayer module, which allows you to both compete and cooperate with other players.
Download: None currently available

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