Koseisen Ga Tonda Hi: The Project Mars 3 [J] Kogado Studio Inc. 2000

On Mars in the near future, we will make full use of the architecture of the dome city, resource development, and terraforming to develop Mars into a planet where humans can live. Let's develop science and technology with the development of Mars and complete the interstellar jump ship. Also, if you select the construction mode that allows you to freely set the allocation of resources and materials at the start of the game, you can enjoy your own Mars plan. A slapstick comedy from a small detective agency who has been involved in an extremist terrorist attack aimed at controlling the gravity of Mars. This time it's an action item.
included in Kasei Keikaku DVD: The Project Mars 2+3 - Japanese ISO Demo (provided by rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 676MB

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