Power Dolls 5 [J] Kogado Studio Inc. 2002

This is a full-fledged tactical simulation game in which a special force composed only of female members called "Dolls" runs through the battlefield, driving armored mobile infantry "Power Loader" on the planet Omni. Depending on the battle situation, players will organize and lead Dolls and Power Loaders to complete missions such as destroying target structures and rescuing hostages. This is based on the game rules of "ADPD (Advanced Power Doll)" which reached the level of completion as "turn-based SLG". Compared to the real-time system, which tends to be a rough tactic, you can perform precise and precise tactics with a turn system that has plenty of thinking time. Also, the biggest feature of turn control is that the greatest ability involved in the success of an operation is not "reflexes", but "command ability". The player's Soldier will be the power to lead Dolls to victory.
Japanese ISO Demo + Manual/Update + Full Demo (provided by rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 435+294MB

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