Power Dolls 5X [J] Kogado Studio Inc. 2002

A work that focuses on the characters of the tactical simulation "POWER DoLLS" series, which organizes units and executes battle plans. The player grasps the content and situation of the operation, selects the power loader and weapons according to the operation, organizes the unit according to the operation from the female members, and fights on the tactical map. "Nakist Battle" depicting the offense and defense of "Heavy Industrial City Nakisuto", which is an important base of DoLLS during the Central Front offense and defense, and "No. 38 Special" depicting the special exercises of five people who were not organized in the previous work "POWER DoLLS 5" Includes 3 scenarios of "Military Exercise" and "Single Mission Collection" composed of episodes of 3 people who appeared in the previous work. Equipped with LAN battle function.
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo + Manual (provided by rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 621MB

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