Agent Klutz notagamestudio 2020

Sync your footsteps with the music as you sneak your way through this experimental, hand-drawn / pixel art hybrid action-rhythm game. Be a blundering, murderous coward. Shoot everyone on sight, ask questions later. Be a graceless kleptomaniac. Steal as much as possible wherever you go. Be the most clumsy, airheaded, incompetent spy of all time. Trip over your own feet and fall on your face. Mission briefing - "Ah, Agent K. You're late. Again. Your mission is retrieving a secret weapon, or whatever (look, I don't even care, at this point), without making us look like complete idiots for a change." You will: Disable cameras; Evade security lasers; Hack into secret labs; Steal documents; Kidnap CEOs; Do train heists; Use your gun as a hacking tool; Disarm nuclear bombs; (Allegedly) cause World War III.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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