Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror Revolution Software / Virgin Interactive 1997

Our two favorite amateur detectives, George and Nico, are back again, to solve yet another dangerous and spellbinding mystery and save the world. This time they've stumbled onto a crime cartel with a megalomaniac kingpin, and a supernatural evil from Central America that harks back to ancient Mayan prophecy. As the story opens, George is back in Paris again for a romantic interlude with Nico, his photo-journalist girlfriend. But she soon tells him that, in the process of her investigation of a drug-smuggling ring, she has found a mysterious Mayan stone, and so they decide to visit an archaeologist to see if they can find out more about it. They have no sooner arrived than they are attacked by unknown assailants and Nico is kidnapped. As the game begins, George has been left to die, tied to a chair in the middle of a locked and burning room and, as if that weren't enough, he is staring into the eyes of a deadly giant tarantula that is advancing toward him. This is the first of several new and fascinating puzzles in the game that challenge you to "think as if you are really there" and come up with some truly creative problem solving. And, as in the previous game, you can die, so make sure you save before you try things (and keep George's lucky piece of coal handy!). But most of the other puzzles are still the kind that require using your investigative skills and keen observation. Overall, these puzzles seemed somewhat easier than those in the first game. Once again, it is a 3rd person, 2D, point and click game with superior 'cartoon-style' graphics, excellent music, and an even simpler "novice-friendly" interface. But, unlike the first game, this time you alternate between controlling George and Nico to solve the mystery, a refreshing innovation that serves to flesh out her character for you.
Finnish Clone 2CD ISO Demo 870MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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2CD ISO Demo (uploaded by zobraks)
German 2CD ISO Demo (provided by dead-meat & upped by Scaryfun) plus covers & manual
2CD ISO Demo 867MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Total Revolution: The Complete Adventure Clone 4CD ISO Demo 1.93GB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Broken Sword Trilogy - AlcoholClone ISO Demo 2.77GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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