Tale of Paper, A Open House Games 2021

Release Date: Apr Can a dream transcend its owner? Follow the beautiful tale of Line, an endearing paper in this atmospheric adventure with a hint of puzzles. This is a 3D Puzzle-Platformer, first released on PS4 in 2020, that tells the story of Line, a character made of paper with the ability to change its shape using origami. Line is no ordinary hero: for starters, Line is a piece of paper. But it's not a regular piece of paper either: it is able to transform itself into different shapes like a frog, a paper plane, a rocket or even a bird... among others. Each one of these shapes gives Line different abilities and allows him to navigate through the world, complete puzzles and overcome unusual enemies. Features: Play as a paper figure that can shape into different forms; Solve puzzles, explore a variety of beautiful oversized environments and face the dangers that you’ll find along the way; Think carefully before shapeshifting: each one of Line's transformations has its pros and cons; Experience the fragility of the main character thanks to its design and the game mechanics; A narrative without text. Explore each enviroment and unveil the story.
Download: None currently available

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