Artifact Foundry Valve 2021

This is a special edition of Artifact, the DOTA2 card game, with streamlined gameplay, new cards, new single-player content, and an improved new player experience. The game is played between two players who each bring a deck of cards and 5 heroes to a battle spread across 3 lanes, with the goal of winning 2 of the lanes before the opponent can win 2 themselves. It features a simplified zoomed-out gameplay where you can play in any lane at any time. gameplay gives more direct agency – almost all random elements aside from a shuffled deck have been removed – and the gameplay is more focused on heroes, which have been given a significantly more powerful role. In addition to heroes, almost every card in the game has been reworked at least somewhat to be somewhat more impactful, fun, and easier to focus on. It took the essence of Artifact and refined it based on community feedback: All 3 lanes are in view at the same time; Unified mana pool across lanes; Dramatically reduced the degree to which randomness affects gameplay. All-new content: Over 100 new cards, including over 20 new heroes; Extended tutorial and playable demo scenarios for each hero; New PvE content: Beginner campaign and standalone challenges; New PvP mode: Hero Draft. It's free to play. Cards are unlocked solely through gameplay, with no pack purchasing. Game Modes: 1v1 Hero Draft ladder (pick and counter-pick heroes against your opponent, then play with decks generated from those heroes, rank up based on skill); Constructed ladder (build your deck from the entire set, rank up based on skill); Tutorial (expanded); Single Player Campaign; Constructed bot play; Hero Draft bot play; Bot puzzles (including support for player-authored puzzles). Development has been stopped and the game was released as freeware.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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