Super Bomberman R Online HexaDrive Inc. / Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd. 2020

This is an online multiplayer game for up to 64 players that turns the classic Bomberman gameplay into a survival title of the Battle Royale kind. In large games players bomb each other in different mazes until only one character remains. Dropped bombs can be kicked to make them roll, but also can be stopped again. Multiple mazes as separate screens are available at the start and the character can move between them. As time goes on a number of mazes will start to glow red and are eventually sealed off, trapping and killing all characters who are still there when time runs out. There are also many types of items that play an important role. The available characters are divided into different categories based on Bomber type, Attack type, Speed Type and Unique Type, each with their own abilities. There is a large amount of customization options for both the characters and the bombs, for the latter changing both the appearance and the blast effect. Both public and private matches are available. There is a persistent ranking and levelling system, different challenges and support for new content through a battle pass called Bomber Pass. Initially an exclusive on Stadia when released in September, it became free to all on Dec 1.
Stadia Free Game (uploaded by Stadia)

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