Butler Did It!, The Draconus Entertainment 2005

The Butler Did It! is a coffee break adventure game which takes inspiration from classics like Sleuth!, Murder on the Zinderneuf or Cruise for a Corpse. It is being distributed as a shareware by Draconus Entertainment, a new Finnish indie game development company founded by Markku Rankala (author of Triplane Turmoil!). In a luxury hotel on the Swiss Alps, a murder has just been committed. Unfortunately for the murderer Jacques-Louis Barajean, France's best detective, is there. It's a short, dynamic mystery point'n'click adventure game inspired by the famous boardgame Cluedo: This means that virtually every game will be different from the others. Your deductive skills will be tested where you look for clues and evidences, question the suspects, and when you're sure about the culprit's identity, point your finger at him or her, just like in an Agatha Christie novel. There's more than a million different scenarios, 3 levels of difficulty from low to high season when the hotel is packed with guests, and 16 different suspects - each one of them can be the murderer, his accomplice, or the victim.
Shareware Demo 16Mb ( @ Program URL)
Full Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun & provided by nanette) 34MB

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