Carmen Sandiego: Treasures of Knowledge RiverDeep / The Learning Company, Inc. 2001

Carmen and her evil henchmen are at it again. It is up to you to search the world to find and arrest them. Carmen and her international crime ring are stealing world treasures. As part of the ACME detective team you are responsible for scouring the globe to collect evidence and make the collar. There are 8 levels from Gumshoe to Super Sleuth. Kids can expand their knowledge of world geography and culture, develop deductive reasoning and research skills and practice map reading. There are over 3,600 clues from 60 countries and cultures and music from around the world. Spectacular photos from National Geographic enhance learning. Carmen has stolen a rare book, The Travels of Marco Polo. Why? Your job is to find her and solve the mystery. There are high tech gadgets at your disposal and you travel the world with the click of the mouse. The World Whiz Database can help you find the right countries. This database has maps, videos and information on countries. This is the latest version of the #1 geography software for kids. The great thing about this program is kids love to play it and they don't even realize they are learning. It plays its storyline more seriously than previous games, eliminating such series staples as pun-filled word play, gag names and humorously impossible thefts. However, humor is still included in much of Jules and Shadow's dialogue. Though V.I.L.E. agents are often mentioned, only a few anonymous henchmen appear in the game. Although the animation is also more realistic, the game liberally uses limited animation techniques
ISO Demo 530MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
French Clone ISO Demo 558MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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