Carte Blanche Absurdus / G2 Games 2006

In this 3D 3rd-person view adventure from the makers of Eye Of The Kraken, you play as Edgar Delacroix - raised in a small town bourgeois family and recently graduated from college in humanities and have yet to discover what the big city has in store. It was subtitled as First Episode: For a Fistful of Teeth as more episodes were planeed, but no others were made. After a fortuitous entry in the world of private investigation, he has to deal with twisted and suspicious individuals, solve sinister mysteries and risk his life in rather unpleasant circumstances. Both a financial and industrial metropolis, a center of vice and alcohol smuggling, Montreal in the 1920's has all the assets to cater to the needs of criminals with any amount of imagination. The seamiest intrigues will be Edgar's daily bread and cold sweat his squalid, bitter butter. Depending on the player's actions, Edgar will gain specific proficiencies and items which will follow him from one episode to the other. As the episodes go by each character progress differently, developing in accordance with the player's style, thus making each session unique. Using the 7th Art's visual language, Carte Blanche offers an experience akin to cinema, and especially its less advisable genre - the classical Hollywood Film Noir. Carte Blanche is also certainly the first video game to offer a cinemascope format and a deliberate choice of black and white.
ISO Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun & provided by nanette) 277MB
First Episode: For a Fistful of Teeth - Clone ISO Demo 339MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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