Cassandra Galleries, The Kutoka Interactive Inc / Corel Corporation 1997

This is a puzzle-based adventure game, rather like the 7th Guest. You've been invited to explore a mysterious museum. Cassandra, the owner of the museum, has disappeared with his daughter. You must find out what's happened to them. It's a mildly-diverting game of "49 challenging puzzles" that probably shouldn't be considered outside of the bargain bin. Most of Cassandra's puzzles are in fact quite trivial, usually solvable merely by trial and error or by answering a few questions of the "quiz show" variety. Any challenge the puzzles provide is further diluted by a wealth of clues or outright answers easily found in the game. Generally, the puzzle design in Cassandra is nowhere near as good as in other puzzle titles such as Jewels of the Oracle or Clandestiny. The "plot" of the game, consisting of nothing more than video-clip "payoffs" at the conclusion of every seven puzzles, centers around a search for a couple of people missing from a large mansion/museum. Many of the handsome rooms in the house have no real function except to hold a few clues, quite easy to spot. In addition to the house, seven external "worlds" await your exploration, but each is essentially a single room. FMV acting in the game's video clips is okay (except for some poor accents), but tends to be rather long-winded. The appearance of the clips is very grainy. Although the central character indicates you'll be able to ask questions of other people you discover as the game progresses, your interaction with them is completely passive. Graphics are in the tried-and-true Myst-style slideshow, with just a few, very-jerky movement transitions. Backgrounds are rendered at relatively low resolution, with many things appearing just a little too "shiny" to be realistic. However, the music in the game was enjoyable.
2CD ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 831MB
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Full Demo with DOSBox 568MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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