Castle Of Dr. Brain Sierra On-Line 1991

Definitely a true classic, this game belongs on every puzzle lover's shelf and every kid's desk. Designed by Corey Cole (of Quest for Glory fame), this game is the best example of "edutainment" - a highly enjoyable game that also teaches lots of things through a series of devious puzzles and games. The "program the robot" puzzle on the expert level is particularly entertaining and will teach you a few things about programmer's ordeals. The goal of the game is to escape from Dr. Brain's castle. To do this, you will have to accomplish a series of tasks. You will start off with some simple memory and math problems, but as you go on you will encounter true mind-breaking puzzles.
Full Demo ( @ XTC Abandonware)
Full Demo (@ Lost Treasures)
Full Demo3Mb (@ Abandonia)
ISO Demo 91MB(uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demos VGA + EGA 2.46+1.58MB (uploaded by
Full Demo with ScummVM 26MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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