Caveman Zac Redfire Software 2004

In this adult platformer, it's the Stone Age, and sheer chaos has erupted. A horrible virus has spread all over the world – flying dinosaurs get a dose of the endless shits, Heterosaurus develops homosexual instincts and, worst of all - all those thick-dicked cavemen have become impotent. Well…not ALL of them… the intrepid CAVEMAN ZAC somehow slept through the virus attack – so now it's up to him to save humanity. With 'club' power, he has to screw his way through 5 different game worlds, satisfying the cavewomen and fathering as many cave brats as he can. A crazy, hilarious Jump'n'Run that won't just stretch your cheek muscles. It has 5 fantastdick' game worlds, 12 huge levels, and 4 top-secret levels.
Level Demo 27MB (uploaded by Absolute Games)
ISO Demo 381MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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