Choose Your Own Nightmare: The Halloween Party Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc. 1999

This is one of several games based on a spinoff of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. You'll be greeted by a devilish witch who's brewing up a murderous plot. You'll meet all the ghastly ghouls and frightful freaks that have been waiting to wreak havoc on this one special night. As the monstrous thrills and chills unfold, use your keyboard to control the plot twists. With dozens of plot paths and multiple endings to choose from, you control just how terrifying each nightmare becomes. And you can play the movie again and again until all your worst nightmares come true. Multipath Movies are three-dimensional, digitally animated stories, each with multiple plot alternatives or paths that are influenced by the user and lead to distinct conclusions. Each Multipath Movie Webisode runs approximately 30 minutes. With a simple mouse click, users can make decisions that impact the direction of the story and graphics as well as alter each character's mood and subsequent actions.
ISO Demo 201MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Brilliant 3D Projector (to play videos on seperate player) 1.1MB (uploaded by TheQuality)

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