Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual City Interactive / Detalion / dtp 2008

Professor Olivier Leroux, a well known archaeologist, is gone without a trace. The only person who can find him is his niece Sylvie. Frustrated with the police attempts to find her uncle she decides to commence her own private investigation. Which ultimately takes her to the ruins of an ancient church on Malta. It was there, that the scholar encounters a dark secret from biblical times. Become Sylvie Leroux and find out what happened to the professor. Who are the people who wanted him to disappear? Uncover a conspiracy that is thousands of years in the making. It's a classic Point 'n' Click game with sudden twists and a thrilling plot with intense puzzles that require analytical problem solving skills. Detailed and varied pre-rendered locations include: streets of Paris, ancient churches on Malta, Istanbul's galleries and Vatican undergrounds.
Level Demos Polish 385MB (@Punta e Clicca) German 420MB (@ Adventure Spiele)
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DVD ISO Demo 1.34GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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