Clover: A Curious Tale Binary Tweed / Blitz 1Up 2010

Clover is a plot-driven platformer in the style of classic titles such as Fantastic Dizzy that sees the player solve logical puzzles by collecting items, talking to a diverse cast of characters and exploring artistically realized environments. It's a watercolour side-scrolling platform puzzle game with a political agenda. Featuring no lives or health bars the game is an experience to be taken at the player’s own pace, designed to challenge puzzle-solving skills as well as interpretations of world events. Players must help orphaned teenager Sam find out more about the events surrounding a shock attack on the proud nation of Sanha, which resulted in his mother’s tragic death. Be warned though, even if Sam works out the mysteries that surround him, the answers he receives may challenge his beliefs forever. Featuring a fully remastered piano score, new puzzles, voice acting, localization and a plethora of new ambient effects, it's a relaxing yet immersive experience that will keep players pushing to find out more. The PC version retains the unique water colored art 2D art style of the original game as well as its main political themed storyline. The PC port will contain new animations, graphics and effects along with new puzzles that make the game over twice as long to play as the original. There's also four new endings to the game along with a full voice cast, Spanish and French translation and more. The game will also boast "context-sensitive controls and improved feel" and the piano soundtrack will be reworked and expanded.
Level Demo 238MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
ISO Demo 424MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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