Cobra Mission MegaTech Software 1991

Trouble is in Cobra City! Gangsters roam the streets, and gang bosses seem to have taken the power in the city. Who is responsible for the situation? It is up to you, the private investigator JR Knight, and your lovely companion Faythe, to find out what is going on. "Cobra Mission" is a Japanese animé-style RPG with erotic content. The game takes place in Cobra City, a large town divided into several parts. You navigate your party (JR and Faythe) through the city in top-down view, visiting various buildings, talking to people, gathering information, and fighting random enemies. During battles, the game switches to first-person perspective. The battles are action-based. You must click on the picture of the enemy to inflict damage. The mouse cursor is always slightly moving during battles, which makes aiming more difficult. Many enemies have weak and strong areas, and you should aim precisely in order to have success. After major quests, you'll rescue girls who will be grateful to you, giving you their telephone numbers. You can then visit them and participate in erotic mini-games: you are given a certain number of turns, during which you have to perform the correct actions to seduce the girl successfully. The erotic scenes feature nudity and detailed text descriptions, but nothing truly pornographic. In 1993, an English version was released.
Full Demo 7MB (@ Juego Viejo)

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