Cold Case Files Gunnar Games / Activision Value 2004

Join the investigative team from the original, top-rated forensic TV series, Cold Case Files. Blow the dust off old homocide files and attempt to discover and prove the hidden truths. By using today's high-tech forensic tools and the most sophisticated technology available, your research will take you on a journey to catch a killer long-hidden but not forgotten and put the minds of a family to rest. Combine advancements in forensic science: DNA, saliva samples, footprints, blood, fingerprints, background checks - with old-fashioned detective work to crack unsolved homicides. Review historical evidence of the case, interview people of interest, collect new evidence, perform lab work and more. Connect seemingly unlinked pieces of information by strategically filling in the holes with information you uncover. Bill Kurtis, the recognizable voice behind cold case files, narrates throughout the game. The files have over 35 possible outcomes.
ISO Demo 399MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Free Bonus Case 47MB (uploaded by GABRIEL19681_1)

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