Conan Cauldron / TDK Mediactive 2004

Take control of the sword of the greatest hero to roam the lands of Hyborea - Robert E. Howard's famous character Conan. Having seen your native village of Grannach burnt to the ground you now begin your quest for revenge. You will fight your way across the Black mountains and rivers in search of the cult who brought death to your home. You will have to master various swords, axes and the mace in order to complete this perilous journey. As the story unfolds you will find yourself face to face with strange mystical creatures that test your fighting skills to the death. Discover the entrances to temples and caves along the way, where you will scale walls, leap obstacles, solve puzzles and retrieve the pieces of the Atlantean Sword in order to help you in achieving your destiny of defeating The Vulture Cult. The 3D hack'n'slash elements are also blended with RPG elements by awarding experience points for each defeated enemy. Said points can be spent on a plethora of fighting skills which are then triggered via a simple combo system for spectacular results as you battle hordes of human warriors and supernatural monsters from beyond. Should you fall to a well placed blow, Conan offers you the chance to try and regain your honor in the domains of Crom, were a small arena fight can restore your honor and bring you back to life and continue the game or damn you to eternity should you fail. Also available is a multiplayer Arena mode in which you can duke it out mano-a-mano with other human players as Conan or a selection of original characters. It features the original licensed soundtrack from the Conan movies by Basil Poledouris.
2-Level Demo 121MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
3CD ISO Demo 2.18GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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