Cranston Manor Ken Williams & Harold DeWitz / Sierra On-Line 1982

Old man Cranston trusted no one. He accumulated his immense wealth through questionable means. Before being dragged to his grave by cancer, he hid his treasures on his estate. Now it is suspected he still haunts the mansion and grounds guarding his treasure. You are in the deserted town of Coarsegold, which was strangled to death through old man Cranston's greed and plotting. You are determined to enter Cranston Manor, find the treasures and put them outside the gates so they can be used to rejuvinate Coarsegold. You have a list of the 16 treasures old man Cranston stole and hid, but it is not legible. Cranston Mansion was #3 in On-Line System's "Hi-Res Adventures" series, after Mystery House and The Wizard and the Princess. Unlike most adventure games of its time, Cranston lets you switch between graphic and text modes. You perform actions in the game by only typing a one- or two-word command (eg: WEST, GET SHOVEL) , and you can save the game at any point in the game by inserting a disk and pressing a letter. The PC version is very rare.
Apple II Version Full Demo (@ Planet Emulation) * requires emulator
Browser-Playable Apple II Version ( @ Virtual Apple)
included in Hi-Res Adventure #0-6 with ScummVM & AppleWin emu 41.5MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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