Crystal Key, The Earthlight Productions Inc. / DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. 2000

The gameplay is very similar to other games in the genre, such as Myst or Zork in that you click around your environment to walk, pick up items, and manipulate tools. The storyline is set in the future, where the protagonist is sent to another planet to investigate the source of a cryptic message from an evil alien race. The player begins the game having crash landed on the planet and must explore the world, find a crystal key and portal which would help the player defeat the race and bring peace to the galaxy. Armed with only your wits, your journey will take you through fascinating lands of desert, jungle and water as you explore breathtaking worlds; each more beautiful and magical than the last. Rise to the challenge and let your wisdom, instinct and ingenuity lead the way. Carefully examine and solve each puzzle along your path. Secrets lie waiting to be unlocked and discovered by those who possess the Crystal Key. Immerse yourself in extraordinary worlds with stunning 3D graphics and animation, and engaging and challenging puzzles. You alone have escaped a merciless enemy assault and the resulting tyranny which now grips humanity. Behind you, your home and the fate of your people anxiously await the outcome of your mission. Now you must journey to the uncharted lands of Arkonia, where legends suggest the existence of a magical Key. Retrieve the Crystal Key and unlock the secrets for preserving the future. Along the way discover and investigate fascinating worlds filled with extraordinary mysteries, hidden secrets and technological marvels.
2CD ISO Demo 903MB (uploaded by Meddle)
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2CD ISO Demo v1.1 919MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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