CSI 3: Dimensions Of Murder Telltale Games / Ubi Soft Ent. 2006

The third game in the series of popular crime scene investigation games based on the hit tv series has a new developer - Telltale Games also did Bone:Out From Boneville). Players will work alongside Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows and the rest of the original Las Vegas cast to help solve intense cases and investigate crimes using cutting-edge techniques and real-world forensic equipment. It features CSI-style visual treatments, forensic reconstructions, and voices of the cast of CSI. There's a new real-time 3D engine, improved character animation and lip-synching TV style camera treatments provide a more realistic and cinematic game experience. Non-Linear gameplay progression allows players to solve cases their way. Solve the case by the victim, the crime scene or the suspect. There's also a new mobile crime lab vehicle. 5 new cases with deeper plot lines with shocking twists will draw players into the action with improved character interaction and longer more immersive cases. Use high tech tools to collect and process evidence such as, Mikrosil casting material, magnetic powder for enhanced finger print analysis and Luminol for detecting traces of blood evidence.
Updated Level Demo 204MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Multiligual DVD ISO Demo 795MB (uploaded by Shattered)

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