Cutthroats Michael Berlyn & Jerry Wolper / Infocom 1984

This Infocom text adventure game takes place in and around the fictional Hardscrabble Island which was for centuries a thriving seaport, but the local fishing industry died out in the 1920s. Most of the area's remaining population are an assortment of hard-luck types and people of questionable ethics. The player's character is a skilled diver scraping to make ends meet. One night, an old shipmate named Hevlin barges in with a map indicating the locations of two previously undiscovered shipwrecks. Flashing between excitement and paranoia, Hevlin abruptly leaves, asking the player to safekeep the map. Naturally, the old sailor is murdered practically steps from the doorway. Someone obviously wants this map quite badly. As the player attempts to mount a perilous dive for sunken treasure, several characters offer their help. Some of them can be trusted and some can not. Failure to tell the difference between the two can result in an "untimely accident". The fifficulty of the game is medium. Cutthroats was the first Infocom game to be originally published in the famous "gray box" format.
Extra "Feelies"
Full Demo 83kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Included in: Infocom Universe Bootleg Full Demo (provided by Gr.Viper & uploaded by Molitor) 389MB
Floppy Image ISO Demo 253KB (uploaded by Molitor)
included in The Adventure Collection (1995) ISO Demo + Scans 5+81MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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