Cyberswine Brilliant Digital Entertainment 1997

Stately, plump Cyberswine gazes out across a cartoon world, ready to kick some serious toon butt. Cyberswine is both the name and the protagonist of a full-length animated movie set in Cybercity 2070. Part machine. Part cop. Full boar. It's based on an underground Australian comic book character. This is one of the first "Multipath Movies" — animated stories that let the viewer direct the action. You get to stroll down a narrative path of your choosing: stick with Cyberswine, or peel off and follow the action from the perspective of one of his pals. Don't dig the pig's vibes? Click on an icon in the corner of the screen, and tweak his character to make him more clever, anxious, aggressive or caring. You can also change the camera angle. Or not — one of the options in a Multipath Movie is to just say no to interactivity: you can sit back and watch.
ISO Demo 279MB ( provided thanks to miniop & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Brilliant 3D Projector (to play videos on seperate player) 1.1MB (uploaded by TheQuality)

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