Dame In Black Case, The BluMiAl Studios 2012

This game features detective John Pileggi from "Aurora: The Secret Within" and was created with Adventure Maker software. Los Angeles 1944: The city is upset by mysterious and nonsensical murders, which do not have any apparent link to one another -- a woman dressed in black, a politician, a corrupt cop. Who could possibly solve this mystery? Detective John Pileggi will confront the worst case of his career: the murder of "The Dame in Black", Susanne Long. As he works under the constant threat of death, Pileggi finds that, from this moment on, life will never be the same. The first episode is available for free and the developers are asking for funding to continue with further episodes.
Italian Level Demo 112MB (uploaded by Adventure's Planet)
Free Episode 1 363MB (uploaded by Download.com)

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