Day The World Broke, The David Weissner / Houghton Mifflin Interactive 1997

The world is spinning out of control. Quite suddenly, it rained in the Sahara, large farm animals began floating off their ranches, a terrible forest fire broke out in the Amazon jungle, North Dakota and South Dakota switched places, and strangest of all, there were no traffic jams in Los Angeles! Players will travel to the center of the planet, explore exciting new places, meet imaginative characters, help them with their puzzling quests and help restore world order. Without any time to spare, they begin their exciting quest to save the world in an old, enchanting forest which houses the entrance to the world's interior. Once they enter, players make an extraordinary discovery - the world is run by a giant machine, the World Works. As they explore this alternate world, players will soon find the earth's control room where they meet two friendly, but busy, engineers - Bud and Julius - who attempt a Great Tune Up, hoping that this will solve the world's problems, but things go haywire! The engineers need the player's help to figure out what's causing all the trouble. Before they know it, Julius has equipped them with a special antimagnetic medallion and is sending them down the poles, as in North and South, searching for the mysterious Four Elements Room - an area deep within the center of the Earth which is the primary engine driving the World Works. Players come face-to-face with a fantastical group of creatures, the Mechanimals - part animal, part machine - who are unintentionally wreaking havoc in the Earth's machinery. It's up to the players to talk to these wacky creatures and somehow find a way to get them to leave the Four Elements Room so that the machine can function normally again and the world can return to normal. The players must visit The Shop, where Manifold will happily make them a Mechanimal head to replace their own human model; The Mechanimal Historical Society, where players can discover exactly who these creatures are and where they came from; the Iron Works - where Cathode, the Chief Metal Stamper and Senior Alchemist, can help them make a unique metal alloy; and, of course, Lugnut's, where players can sip a drink from the world's (Mechanimal, that is) most famous oil and sludge emporium.
ISO Demo 319MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on modern o/s 447MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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