Daymare Town 1-3 Mateusz Skutnik ("Murtaugh") 2007

This is another fun point-and-click series from the maker of Covert Front and the Submachine and The Great Escape series of escape the room games. Daymare Town (July/2007) Fade in: a strange and oddly deserted town that gives the unsettling feeling that eyes are peering from around corners. It is a drab and dreary town, not a very pleasant place to be. But now you're stuck, and you'll do anything you can to leave. The artwork in this game consists of sketches that create a much different atmosphere for a point-and-click game. Also, the difficulty has been kicked up a notch with the author claiming that Daymare Town is the hardest puzzle game he has made by far. It is for "advanced" point-and-click gamers, only. Daymare Town 2 (May/2008) This returns you to the daytime nightmare of a place complete with new puzzles to solve, new characters to meet, more creepy creatures peering at you around corners, and more items to find (this time he has you looking for coins). The place has an unsettling atmosphere and it's a bit scary, so make sure you play it late at night. You can't help but enter this freaky town, but can you escape from it? This latest game sports Mateusz' newest, slickest game engine ("the float ver.1.0") that will be used for most of his upcoming games. Daymare Town 3 (Mar/2010) - When disaster strikes, you find yourself waking up in a strange hospital with the cutest little creepy doctor keeping an eye on your hurts. Which is all well and good, but you really need to find your money bag and carry on with your adventure. Of course they'll just let you walk on out the door... right? As always, the series is more charming than scary, but the atmosphere in this weird little game is wonderfully unsettling, like a children's book that fell off the back of a truck somewhere. You can interact with a much more varied cast than before, and even indulge in a bit of item trading if someone has something you want. (And who doesn't need more vomit pills, eh? Eh??) Figuring out just what the strange, glowering (or cowering) inhabitants of the hospital want from you is a bit of a challenge, but if you keep your eyes peeled (ow, my eyes! I have to stop taking myself so literally.) you'll win the day.
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