Delaware St. John Ep. 3: The Seacliff Tragedy Big Time Games / Lighthouse Interactive 2007

The sound of a hundred voices call to Delaware and lead him to the site of a decrepit amusement park. The site closed four years earlier after a collapse killed more than a hundred people. As Delaware explores the area he discovers the tragic accident is only the beginning of the dark events taking place. Guarding the park are demons known as Shadow People. Delaware and Kelly must fend off these soul-sucking monsters if they are to survive the night. Use Kelly's special equipment like thermal goggles and EMF counter to track paranormal activity invisible to the naked eye. Thoroughly explore the remains of the park to discover all of the secrets behind The Seacliff Tragedy. Through the hauntingly beautiful 3D rendered environments, you can use the VIC (Voice/Imagery Communicator) - a modern PDA device for communicating, use it to take pictures, record sounds and contact Simon for clues. Delaware receives visions that need to be deciphered if he's to solve the mystery behind The Seacliff Tragedy. It's the first game where you can play from both Delaware and Kelly’s perspective. That's right, Delaware's research partner is now out and about in the field to apply her ghost hunting expertise.
Level Demo 140MB (@Game Pressure) Level Demo #2 223Mb (@ Adventure Spiele)
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2CD ISO Demo1.06GB (upped by Egon68)

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