Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction Blizzard North / Blizzard Entertainment Inc. 2001

More than a standard expansion, Lord of Destruction not only added content in the form of new character classes and an additional scenario, but also dramatically revamped the gameplay of the existing Diablo II for solo and especially multiplayer. This expansion comes with two new character classes, the Assassin and Druid, enhanced graphics with support for 800x600 resolution, tons of new enemies, over 1000 new items to collect, an enhanced stash that allows you to store double the capacity of Diablo II and an all new act, Act V, set in the Barbarian Highlands with an additional act boss, Baal. An alternate weapon/shield/spell setup can be switched to via a hotkey in gameplay. Hirelings can now follow the player through all the Acts. They can also be equipped with armor and a weapon, can gain experience, can be healed by potions, and can be resurrected when killed.

Diablo II 3CD & Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction ISO Demo (uploaded by Shattered)
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Diablo II Gold Edition (Diablo II + Diablo II: Lord of Destruction) 4CD ISO Demo 2.23GB (uploaded by Shattered)
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Beta Version (Original MDF Dump) - ISO Demo + Patch + Scans (provided by galaxyhaxz & upped Scaryfun) 414+8MB

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