Dr. Brain: Action Reaction Knowledge Adventure 1999

Dr. Brain: Action Reaction is a 3D puzzle game for children using the Unreal engine. The player takes on the role of Dr. Brain just as in the rest of the series. Dr. Brain has been captured by Sinister People Organized Really Efficiently (S.P.O.R.E.) and now he has to escape from their villainous underwater lair and save the world while he's at it. The game world is presented in 3D through a first person perspective. You can run around freely, jump, swim and even fly in some areas. Through 45 levels you'll have to do such things as fly through gravity-defying field simulators, fire cannons and redirect routing systems. Each level presents its own puzzles you must overcome to escape from the lair.
ISO Demo 396MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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