Drakensang: The River of Time Radon Labs GmbH / dtp entertainment AG 2010

The Adventure returns to a time before the Invasion of the Doomed, before the Orkenstorm, back to the glorious time of Emperor Hal, back to 1009 after Bosparans Fall. Follow a tale from an old friend, a tale about friendship, betrayal and love. Meet old friends, choose your fellowship and battle against terrifying enemies, before sinister intrigues can complete their evil plot. Get on the way, friend and save Aventuria! It brings back the Award winning game play mechanics from The Dark Eye – Drakensang with a new, enthralling story. Travel back to the origin of a great friendship and experience complex quests, challenging turn-based combats and stunning cut-scenes in the world of Aventuria. It features: new Archetypes and Enemies, an expanded "Expert mode" and customizable looks for Archetypes, "Beampoints" for faster travel around the map, voice-overs for all of the dynamic, skill-based dialogues, improved camera controls and textures, a tactical turn-based combat system, and a new, enthralling story in Aventuria, the world of Germany's leading P&P system "The Dark Eye".
German Level Demo 1.42GB (uploaded by File Planet)
DVD ISO Demo 2.47GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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