Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Funcom / Aspyr Media 2006

6 years after the critically acclaimed modern adventure The Longest Journey was released comes the sequel Dreamfall. It will feature some characters from TLJ, but will concentrate mostly on a new cast. The premise is that the Earth we know is actually only half the story of the universe. Our scientific Earth's true name is Stark, and its reality is mirrored in another dimension by a magical Earth called Arcadia. The game concerns a young woman named April Ryan who lives on Stark in the 23rd century. When a disaster throws the balance between the scientific and magical Earths out of whack, it's up to April to step in and restore equilibrium between the two universes. Core to the story are three playable characters: Zoƫ Castillo a twenty-year old young woman who lives with her grandfather; Kian an assassin who will begin to question his beliefs and returning from TLJ, April Ryan who will discover that no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape the past. In what can best be described as a modernized version of point-and-click, characters will have an innovative 'focus field' that allows you to interact with and scan the environment. Instead of point-and-click, you sweep the area with the focus field to find interactive objects or inventory items. One of the puzzles we were shown utilized the 'focus field' as your character had to light a torch and it does facilitate a smooth transition between puzzle and game without interrupting the flow of the game.
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Time Limited Trial Demo 3.57GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
6CD ISO Demo 4.02GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
DVD ISO Demo 3.62GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Polish DVD ISO Demo 3.85GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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