Dreams To Reality Cryo Interactive Entertainment 1997

In an ancient world, four priests gather around the Blue Water, the well of mankind's dreams. One priest will return later to host a dark force. Today, a young man plunges into the same Blue Water. The intoxicating immersion in a fast-moving, ever-changing universe soon places him on the dangerous pathway to save both dreams and reality. Spectacular real-time 3D gameplay meets the subconscious mind. n this game, you can spread your arms and take flight, battle a giant mechanical spider, and be kicked to death by a pointy-headed Dwarf. Prepare yourself to live out your most bizarre dreams. You play Duncan, a tough guy who is anything but asleep. Fly, backstroke, snowboard and backflip your way through over 100 wild game sets to find and wipe out the evil force that wants to control mankind's dreams and take away our free will. Whack, chop, kickbox and lightning-bolt your way past over 100 kinds of really weird monsters, phantoms and yes, pointy headed dwarves. There's 17 kinds of magic powers: including the option to create a double of yourself and take over the body of another creature.
Glidos 3dfx Emulator - Info / v1.32 Download
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Full Demo 167Mb Movies Addon 62Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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2CD ISO Demo 900MB (upped by Egon68)

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