Drowned God: Conspiracy of the Ages Inscape / EMG Publishing 1996

The story behind Drowned God takes place under the notion that the human race was genetically engineered by god-like aliens that even guided us through history by nudging civilization forward with certain artifacts of power. Four of those artifacts (The Ark of the Covenant, The Philosopher's Stone, The Rod of Osiris and the Holy Grail) are now lost and they are the key to unlocking a series of mysteries that somehow tie up practically every conspiracy theory from the Knights Templar to the Illuminati. It is up to you now to gather this artifacts and solve the mysteries as you are sent through time and space from an alternate dimension reminescent of earth. Needless to say the gameplay tends to set the pace for the developing of the super-surreal storyline. Within every new location you'll confront logic puzzles a la 7th Guest which will give you access to new locations, secrets, etc. The interface itself is more reminiscent of the Myst games, where you move through "slideshows" and click on objects to interact with them.
Level Demo included in: Windows 95 Game Sampler 2 (1996) ISO Demo 315MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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3CD ISO Demo 801MB (uploaded by Egon68)
3CD ISO Demo 1.59GB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on modern o/s 893MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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