Duck City Domestic Funk Productions / BMG Entertainment Int. 1996

Duck City is a wacky and fun collection of 6 action and puzzle games designed for kids of all ages. Designed by Alan Snow, creator of P.A.W.S, Duck City stars a talking cartoon duck who wanders around in his cartoon world, getting into one trouble after another. In one mini-game that is similar to basketball, you will see how a duck can pull off spectacular slam dunks. In the farm, you must fatten slugs by feeding them cabbages. The barber shop is the site of one of the game's most unique games: here, you cut and dry customers' hair to make cool haircuts. In the garage, you can participate in a fun cross-country racing. And finally in a lab, you can tinker with various gadgets and interact with RoboDuck, a cross between RoboCop and a duck. All the games are simple to learn and easy to use - you need to memorize only a few keys and mouse clicks. With attractive and creative cartoon graphics, fun mini-games, and a transparent and intuitive interface, Duck City is a fun "interactive environment" for everyone in the family. None of the game has lasting play value, but they are ideal for a 5-10 minute coffee break at the office... or a fun evening for the kids in your house.
Full Demo 3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 42MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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