Dungeon Lords Heuristic Park / DreamCatcher 2005

Designed, written and developed by award winning computer game author D.W.Bradley, creator and developer of the legendary Wizardry games (5-7), Dungeon Lords is a real-time 3D full freedom 3rd person perspective fantasy role-playing and action game. It comprises a unique offering of Personal Character (PC) development in a world filled with NPC interactive characters and game quests, as the player journeys through an enchanted land of ancient castles and dungeon lairs to engage in real-time tactical combat action against a variety of deadly foes, from monstrous creatures to powerful wizards, from undead lords to greater demons. Dungeon Lords can be played either single-player stand alone, or in multi-player group sessions. There's non-stop game action and exploration, with something unexpected around every corner, featuring settings filled with rewarding and enjoyable puzzles, dangerous traps and treasures in addition to a wide variety of deadly combat foes. The nail-biting intense real-time 3D combat action features an arsenal of attack and defense combo moves to allow player control of combat tactics, fighting with weapons, magic spells, and powerful artifacts. There's loads of personal quests and game quests to pursue, featuring interactive NPC characters for talking, trading, and conveying special bonuses, as well as potentially offering to join the PC character as an ally.

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Level Demo 312MB (@CNET Download) Collector's Edition Level Demo 556MB ( @ Game Pressure)
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3CD ISO Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun)
EU Collector's Edition - Clone 3CD ISO Demo 1.78GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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