Erevos NYX / Grenadios 2001

Erevos is a story about two different persons. Giannos Romar was born in 1814 and is Japanese martial arts expert. He has the ability to transform in to a crow and has learned vampire skills. He hunts the streets and the sewers at night. The other character is Eric Koplot who has escaped from a psychiatric institution. He rests in a coffin in a basement. He has the ability to transform into a bat and also looks for prey to relinquish his blood thirst. This game is for people over 18 and a clear warning is shown at the beginning of the game, mainly because of scary and bloody scenes with real footage. This game contains FMV videos, movie clips and news reports about the bloody murders and deaths (even babies) caused by vampire attacks, with fitting music which has also been included separately with the game. The player is given the option to play either of the two characters. There are 9 chapters in the game with autosaves at the end of each. These chapters are relatively small and consist of puzzles and time quests. The game uses the system time and when it is daytime, the game does not run because the player plays the role of a vampire who only comes out at night. That means you can only play between 8:00pm and 7:00am. The game uses a 1st-person perspective.
Full Demo ~34MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 598MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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