Eve Burst Error C's Ware / Himeya Soft, Inc 1995

The game is set in modern-day Japan. You control two characters: a young, seemingly careless private investigator Kojiroh, and the special agent Marina. Kojiroh has been struggling to make a living as a lone PI, but now luck seems to smile to him: the director of the Eldian International School, Mr. Ko, asks him to find a missing painting, supposedly of great value. At the same time, Marina is hired by the ambassador of the fictional Middle East republic Eldia to protect his daughter Mayako from terrorists. Switching between Kojiroh and Marina, you gradually find out the connection between the two cases and plunge deeper into a grand mystery that involves political struggle, scientific discoveries, and horrifying murders. The game is a traditional Japanese adventure: you interact with the world by choosing appropriate commands from the menu (which is different for every location). There are no puzzles to solve, and you make progress in the game by examining the environments and talking to the characters. At certain points, you'll have to switch between the two characters and make them cooperate. While the original version of the game is classified as a hentai game for adults only, when the game was released in America all explicit sexual content was removed and censored resulting in no explicit nudity and no sex scenes but still contained a lot of sexual innuendo in the dialogues and images of half-naked girls. The Asenheim Project, a group of amateur translators, later released playable online versions of both the edited and the uncensored editions of the game. In 2016, EVE Burst Error R was released, a remastered edition of the SEGA Saturn version. Additional and new features included: Additional CG event scenes and story; Digital remastered graphics of the original (cleaned and re-colored in hi-res from scratch); Redesigned system with various updates and changes.
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3CD ISO Demo 1.41GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Remake Screenshots/Videos
Original Browser-Playable Version (uploaded by The Asenheim Project)
Uncensored Browser-Playable Version (uploaded by The Asenheim Project)

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