Ever17: Out of Infinity KID Corp. / Hirameki International 2004

It is May 1, 2017, 12:51 p.m. Without warning or explanation, seven people are suddenly trapped at a depth of 167 feet in the Marine Sea Park "LeMU." Water, air and food are in short supply, and LeMU's protective bulkhead can only withstand the pressure of the water for 119 hours. To top it off, there's a mysterious virius in the sea outside. Time is running out. The bonds among the seven people trapped under the ocean grow stronger as they fight to find a way to escape and survive the danger that threatens them. These are bonds of friendship, and bonds of love. But time waits for no one and the zero hour slowly, steadily approaches. With a climax that packs the ultimate in surprises, what could happen? Who will survive the crisis? A great new interactive PC game that offers the ultimate in suspense, now available in English. In this unique love-sim, each of the female characters has a unique set of circumstances that develop through five scenarios that you, the player, try to unravel as one of the two protagonists. To solve the game's puzzle romance is essential, and more specifically, if you succeed in realizing romance with one of the other characters, you will move a step closer to solving one part of the game. Only after succeeding at completing all of the five complex game scenarios will a player be able to savor a sense of having succeeded at this unique story-based simulation game. This game is called a "love story," but the goal of the player is not to find love with one of the female characters. The true objective is to attain an understanding of the entire scenario of the game and explore the possibilities with each character. How can you escape? Who will be sacrificed?
4CD ISO Demo + Fix + Patch to run on modern o/s 2.08GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Himmel Edition - Fan-Made Patch v1.3 29MB (uploaded by Reddit)

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